Oil Platform Grace California Channel Islands Photos and Videos


The Oil Platform Grace sits off the coast of California, near Anacapa Island of the Channel Islands. Water is over 250' deep so it is important to have good bouyancy skills and air consumption. The legs of the platform are covered in anemones of all colors - red, pink, white, orange, lavender. Creatures living on the legs include all types of crabs. starfish, and nudibranchs. Schools of fish hang out under the structure as well as some sea lions who use the platform as a home. Current can be light or very strong making it very important to stay under the platform for the dive and only leave that area at the surface.

Diving from the Peace Boat out of Ventura, we did 3 dives to depths of just over 100'. Divers were broken down into two groups making sure everyone was able to get lengthy surface intervals to off-gas. We had perfect conditions, seas not too rough and current mild.



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