General Dive-Travel Specialists Websites

Ultimate Dive Travel      Caradonna Travel       Island Dreams Travel

Roatan and Belize travel agency      Bay Adventures Travel

Liveaboard Vessels Websites

Explorer liveaboards       Spree Liveaboard, Texas and Fla      Aggressor Boats - worldwide

      Blackbeards liveaboards, Bahamas

Aquacat Liveaboard, Bahamas      Peter Hughes liveaboards - worldwide

North Carolina Websites

Olympus Diving, Morehead City, NC       Discovery Diving, Morehead City, NC

Diver Down charters, Morehead City      Friend's of QAR - Blackbeard's Ship

Graveyard of the AtlanticMuseum       Crystal Coast tourism website

Aquatic Safaris, Wilmington       Tortugas Divers, Beaufort, NC

Bonaire Websites

Bonaire Chatroom      Bonaire Info website

Buddy Dive Resort      Bonaire Webcams

Visit Bonaire videos

Roatan Websites

CoCoView Resort and diving      Bananarama Dives, West End

Coconut Tree Divers, West End      Subway Watersports

Roatan and Belize travel agency      Roatan Online - information site

Reef House Resort and diving

Palau Websites

Big Blue Explorer liveaboard

Ocean Hunter III Liveaboard      Palau Aggressor

Hawaii Websites

Kona Honu Divers      Jack's Diving Locker       Big Island Divers       Mike Severn's Diving Maui

Lahaina Divers Maui      Maui Dive Shop

Bahamas Websites

Bahamas tourism site       Explorer liveaboards

Aquacat Liveaboard, Bahamas      Blackbeards liveaboards

California Websites

California Dive Boats listing      The Peace Boat, Ventura        Truth Aquatics, Santa Barbara       Calif Diver Website

Great Escape boat, Long Beach      Spectre Dive Boat, Ventura

Sanddollar Dive boat, Long Beach      BottomScratcher dive Boat, Long Beach

Lois Ann dive boat, San Diego      Kelp Diving Info

Catalina Scuba Luv, Avalon

Florida Websites

Scuba Kevin, Boynton/Palm Beach divers      Splashdown Divers, Boynton Beach

The Diversity, Pompano      Conch Republic Divers, Fla Keys      It's A Dive, Fla Keys       Narcosis divers

Silent World, Fla Keys      Rainbow Reef Divers, Fla Keys

South Fla Diving Hqtrs      Little Deeper Charters       Spree Liveaboard - Key west/Dry Tortugas

Cozumel & Yucatan Mexico

Scuba Club Cozumel - all-inclusive hotel, restuarant, and dive shop

Travelnotes        Cozumel magazine        Another good Coz website      

Blue XTSea Scuba diving       PapaHogs Scuba diving, Cozumel        Aqua Safari, Cozumel

Blue Angel dive shop and hotel, Cozumel       The Map website       Nicholas - Cenote Dive Experience      

Fantasea Scuba-Playa del Carmen       Geofish Scuba - Playa del Carmen       Playa Scuba      

Chichen Itza official site       Mayan Ruins - General Info       Hidden Worlds Adventures

Alltournative tours       Abyss Dive Shop, PDC       Go Cenotes dive shop, PDC       Tank Ha dive shop, PDC

Yucatek Divers, PDC       Diablo Divers/Phantom Divers, PDC       Cyan Ha Divers, PDC

Diving and Photography and Video Websites

Reef Photo & Video Store Online       Digital Diver - Underwater Photography             Underwater Planet      

Scuba Diving Magazine Online       Underwater Connection       Dee Rags   Diver's Alert Network

Reef Org   Ikelite housings and strobes

      Nudibranch ID Website       Judy's Jewelry designs